CBD stands for cannabidiol, the second most prevalent active ingredient in cannabis.


While CBD is an essential component of medical marijuana, it is derived directly from the hemp plant, which is a cousin of the marijuana plant.

CBD doesn't get you stoned as the THC element of cannabis isn't included....


Understandably some may still perceive CBD as a gateway drug leading to certain death but it obviously isn’t. CBD is used by many top athletes today and sold by many personal trainers across Europe, to help treat a wide range of conditions and injuries.

When I first heard about CBD around 4 years ago, I was more than keen to find out more. Not just because of it’s origin but because I saw many different articles and videos, clearly showing the benefits it provided. In recent years my diet has consisted of mainly natural products, I've felt the benefits and am keen to discover more.

Since then I have been using it on a regular basis and have tried it in as many forms possible…vape, cakes, gummy things, drinks all with different levels of strength and success. You soon understand that as with most new markets, the quality differs much more than the price.

Personally I prefer the purest possible in oral form, from a dedicated CBD business which is just what I have. I liken it to going to a Chinese takeaway and they offer an Indian menu too…nice but if I wanted an Indian, I’d go to an Indian ;)

I’m pretty fortunate that my use was just for general wellbeing, so didn’t have a pain or condition to treat or compare. The main benefits for me have been waking up at 5am and feeling awake and a little more tolerance of the fun that a day provides.

I have been offering CBD to others for a while now and have seen the benefits to both physical and emotional pain. Arthritis in particular seems to respond well but there are many different conditions that can be found here

CBD isn't going to be for everyone but I would suggest doing your own research or getting in touch, to find out more :)