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About Nick

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The perception of a Personal Trainer is very individual but is generally, perfect physique, an abstinence from anything remotely harmful to the body and a bit Sergeant Major style scary! Some people like that but it was never for me and it’s never been the way that I have worked as a Personal Trainer.

Back in 2005 after spending the majority of my working life climbing The UK Corporate Ladder, I decided that my life had to change. The money and the lifestyle was great but my life had been bought, I wasn’t healthy or happy and weighed 132kg!

I decided that I needed to put my health before my job, began to lose weight and started working my way back down the Corporate Ladder...



After finally leaving my ‘proper’ job in 2008, I started studying for a ‘real’ job and qualified as a Personal Trainer in September 2009. Since then I’ve ran marathons, boxed in Thailand, trained with my boxing heroes and done all sorts of things that I could only have dreamed of’s been amazing!

More importantly I understood how real weight loss works and what it actually takes personally, physically and mentally, to ensure it happens. This knowledge has proved invaluable in helping many clients achieve their goals, success is what makes me tick and achieving client goals is success to me.

In 2015 the lure of my dream job in a boxing gym by the sea, brought me to sunny Malta and a lifestyle you just don’t get in the UK. In fact the lifestyle was so good, I put on a ‘bit’ of weight again!


It wasn’t ideal but after a few months of hard training and my increased knowledge as a Personal Trainer, I managed to lose 30kg far easier than before. Now feeling better than ever, I am back doing what I enjoy most...helping others reach their weight loss and fitness goals through boxing training.

You don’t need to have any experience or want to fight, it’s just great for stress, self confidence and played a huge role in my weight loss stories.

It’s been an interesting journey and maybe not the one you would expect from a normal Personal Trainer but then again, I don’t claim to be a normal Personal Trainer.

If you are genuinely committed to achieving results but don’t know where to start, give me a call. 

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