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Are you looking for a Personal Trainer in Malta?


As an Advanced Level Personal Trainer since 2009, I am currently offering Personal Training Services in Bugibba, Malta. Incorporating boxing and kickboxing to help improve fitness, weight loss, stress relief and have some fun, from The Evolve Studio in St Paul's Bay.


The personal training I offer is suitable for fitness, well being, weight loss, stress relief and those looking to improve technique.


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personal training boxing fitness bugibba malta.jpg
personal training technical boxing bugibba malta.jpg
personal training small group bugibba malta.jpg
boxing kickboxing fitness classes bugibba malta.jpg
personal training st pauls bay malta
personal training st pauls bay malta

The photos below are me, taken in in 2005, at the height of my eating, drinking and anything else remotely unhealthy 'best'.


They are not your standard Personal Trainer photos but then again, I don't class myself as a standard Personal Trainer.

personal training st pauls bay malta



Thankfully many things have changed since then, including starting my own Personal Training business in 2009 and relocating from the UK to Malta in 2015.


That doesn't mean that as a Personal Trainer I am now immune to ever having weight problems again, unfortunately it doesn't work like that.


However it does mean that I have real knowledge and experience of helping people acheive their goals, more realistically and safely.


My PT Mentor

Are you a Personal Trainer ready to start your journey in the Fitness Industry? Or maybe a Gym or Fitness facility, looking to maximize efficiencies to increase profits?


My PT Mentor is here to help you by providing a completely confidential service, experienced advice and solutions to support you and your business grow.โ€‹


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