My Rain Experience

Seed Nutrition is a simple concept…


The natural goodness of Mother Nature, infused into unique products, formulated to provide maximum health and healing.

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Prior to the advancement of science, back in the day people had to rely on the knowledge passed down from generation to generation, regarding the benefits of various plants and herbs.


The black cumin seed was highly regarded as a beneficial herbal preparation, it worked then and the benefits have been confirmed today. Mentioned in ancient texts for its specialized benefits, black cumin seeds were even found in King Tut’s tomb!

I first became aware of Rain whilst having a coffee in my favourite coffee shop, Eloise was discussing the benefits to others and I’m just nosey and don’t like being left out.


You see lots of gimmicks within the industry but seed nutrition was different and from my nutritional knowledge, made sense. I didn’t pursue at the time due to priorities but after unknowingly ending up in a newsletter, eight months later our paths crossed again. 


Keen to be more involved with the products, I insisted on a trial before I promote and Eloise happily suggested a detox, not ideal but I couldn’t really back out!

You can see how it went on my YouTube channel

Although the detox wasn’t much fun for me personally, it did show me how different foods affect the body. It’s also allowed me to really focus on my own nutrition, how it is impacted by different factors and how rain can supported it

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As I have a very active job and I'm not getting any younger, I was keen to try their BEND product. I normally have between 8-10 sessions a day and train at least three times a week myself, there's always something aching...


I took Bend everyday for a week and was genuinely surprised by the increased energy and recovery times, from some really hard sessions! No aches at all, even in my dodgy ankle that has been a nightmare for me in recent years.

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You may be able to take the boy out of Essex but I first got interested SOUL because I heard it worked as a hangover cure....

The fact that I tested  and it did work, was overidden by disapproving comments from Eloise and more beneficial things in life that it can help!

Infact this is probably the most popular and beneficial products from the Rain range, for it's anti flammatory benefits and support to the immune system.

If you would like to try the products, they can be ordered individually directly with me or you can visit my page here

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