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Despite what my Mum kept convincingly telling everyone and what I may like to think, her little soldier is not perfect…in fact he’s far from it

Obviously it’s impossible to gauge perfection as everyone will have a different view but as a general rule of acceptable adult behaviours, I’m way off the mark. This isn’t me trying to say ‘look at me I’m so amazing because I’m so different’, it’s just being honest and more importantly accepting what I am ;)

I openly admit that self control is and always has been a problem for me. It’s not just food and drink, over the years I have struggled with all sorts of random things, aftershave, trainers, incense, socks, money the list goes on. It’s clearly not ideal considering my work but it’s me and if I don’t acknowledge it, then I’m always going to struggle with it.

I have lost count of the conversations with potential clients, who insist they have a healthy diet yet had to be literally rolled into the room.

Or those that have allegedly competed in Muay Thai but have never tried Thai boxing. I always try to be polite and give everyone a chance but I rarely take them on as a client, as I know they are not really committed and will be a problem.

To me, I’ve been asked for my professional opinion to help, yet am clearly being taken for a fool. We both know the truth, so why lie? In everything that I have done in any professional capacity, I have never resolved an issue by chance. You have to address the issue to resolve it, regardless of how embarrassing it may be.

During the last two years I took a break from my fitness work and focussed on growing a new business, which involved eating and drinking for free. Fortunately/unfortunately, my lack of self control and competitive side, usually ends with me becoming obsessed. No need for a Presidential Pardon on this one and inevitably I soon resembled, as someone delightfully put it…an elephant.

I did try a couple of half hearted attempts to get fit again but they ended pretty quickly. I didn’t really want it at the time and my focus was elsewhere, so it was always destined to fail.

The new business did well but it wasn’t the life I wanted. Dealing with people who are only interested in financial gain is highly frustrating. I accept that everyone is different but money is very material to me. Obviously we all need it but my life isn’t based on it and with my lack of self control, I spend it all anyway!

I missed being involved in fitness and in particular boxing. It’s not an easy life and the hours can be unsociable but the personal satisfaction is far more rewarding.

When someone achieves a goal that they never believed they could, it’s far more rewarding than money ever could be for me…I know that’s a bit cringe worthy but it’s true.

Unfortunately, my increased body size meant that it wasn’t just a case of stepping back into it again, as no one was going to take me seriously. After losing 50kg first time around and taking my fitness for granted, I was basically starting again.

Fortunately this time my obsessive behaviour was a bonus and coupled with my past experience and knowledge, I lost around 30kg in six months. In truth it was a lot easier this time around but once again boxing and kickboxing were pivotal, it’s what I enjoy and it’s perfect for weight loss.

So what now? Similar to the weight loss, I’ve learned from my previous experience as a Personal Trainer.

I’ll be completely honest, I’m not interested in people that have lots excuses before they start. There are lots of other Personal Trainers who will happily take your money from you and I encourage you to join them. That doesn’t mean that I can’t motivate people, I have 10 years full of success stories from all kinds of people that needed help. It’s more that I want to achieve results (another obsession) and know from experience that those with excuses from the start, achieve nothing.

I am looking for people who genuinely want to reach their goal, whatever that goal might be. Those that really want to change their lives but don’t know where to start.

I accept that there will be struggles along the way and it’s my job to get us through it…and I will but you have to be committed.

Don’t worry most people that have trained boxing with me over the years never compete and do it just for fitness. Likewise most have never tried boxing before and soon become a bit obsessed, a feeling I know well!

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