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Are we actually doing this right?

When I used to do all of my corporate stuff, my main job purpose was sorting out shit. Not nice and easy ‘let’s all get along and work together’ shit, it was always the complete opposite.

Although the location and people changed, the process was always the same…I got introduced, everyone (including my own side) tried to screw me over and I tried my best to make sure they didn’t. Once the problem had been finally resolved, we all sat down like a big happy family and played out some corporate positivity, even though we all hated each other.

The actual problem was usually quite obvious, logical and easy to resolve but it was never allowed to be that simple. There was always someone, for whatever reason, that wanted to be a dick and create problems for everyone else.

Clearly, everyone has the right to live life as they want but why make it so hard? It’s common sense to do the easy and most logical thing, surely?

Unfortunately, as we all know, it’s not.

Back to the year when the wheel came off and there is no doubting that we are living in unprecedented times. No one saw this coming and we’ve seen all sorts of crazy things which we never thought possible. However I can't help thinking that we are actually making this far harder for ourselves, than we need to.

We have a virus that is apparently spreading across the world, killing people and we cannot control it or have the knowledge to fully understand it. As always there are conspiracy theories but you can't deny the impact on the world as we knew it, regardless of what it is.

Yet despite all the uncertainty and threats to our health and wellbeing, the biggest challenge we seem to have faced and will continue to face, is money…or the apparent lack of it.

People worried about homes, jobs and businesses, huge organisations shutting down overnight, we’ve seen it all. You could even argue that this all started because of money, whether it be some American conspiracy thing or a dodgy market in China.

Although most are trying their best, Governments aren’t really calming the nerves that much either. I can understand countries not being fully prepared for something that hasn’t happened before but not physically running out of money, as some are suggesting.

Apparently there is even the possibility that the world could run out of money too. How can that happen?

I can run out of money because I am really bad with it but the world invented, produces and controls it.
It’s like eating your dinner and wondering where it’s gone.

The easiest thing would be to put mortgages, utilities, bank charges etc on hold for a bit. At least then we only have to worry about food and drink, which is cheap in comparison. Unfortunately as we know, it’s never as simple as that. Money is the way society has chosen to motivate, reward and structure itself, so easy is unlikely to happen.

Like many, I’ve not worked for ages but I’m really not stressing at all, even if I probably should. I can’t do anything about it, so am just waiting until restrictions are lifted, so I can start again. Am I going to end up on the streets? I doubt it. You can always make money and it’s not in any Government's best interests to have us all homeless, regardless of what many may think.

However one thing is for certain, I am going to struggle to do anything unless I am still that’s where my main focus is for now.

Working on the principle that you only live once and we want to enjoy it the best we can, surely money comes a poor second to our health and happiness? Especially in these ridiculous times.

I don’t want to go all John Lennon but imagine (too tempting) a world focussed on community and being happy, rather than money. Where we all get on, no one acts a dick and we all lived happily ever after. Worth a go?

If we are brutal, we've given money a decent enough go and it's track isn't great is it? Crime, greed, corruption, wars, famines, arseholes to work with, I could go on forever. If a life based on money was a dog, it would have been game over years ago.

I’ve spent the majority of the last eight weeks avoiding everyone and actually spent five days coming up with a plan for a world without money. A bit sad I know but I still couldn't find a downside, despite going full on corporate mode for a bit!

We know that we will never get rid of money, as it’s not in everyone’s best interests to do so. But if nothing else and after all of this, we should all be able to recognise what is actually important to us in life and what isn't.

As I mentioned earlier, money is just something that buys me coffee and pays the rent.
If I wanted lots of it, I’d sell Herbalife.
If my life ever relied on it, I’d be totally screwed.
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