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January - The Temporary Home

I’ve only ever been in a submarine once, on a tour of a dock yard back in the UK. Unfortunately I was deemed too fat to complete the last bit and had to strop and squeeze past everyone behind me, to get back out again…never get away with that nowadays, they would have to redesign the whole fleet to avoid hurting my feelings

Twenty years on and I’ve started the year in a temporary gym home which feels and sounds like one, especially in a storm. As I try to stick to things I’m good at and water isn’t one of them, I’m convinced the doors are going to give in, I’m going to bang my head and be washed up in Gozo…cuddling a tuna or something ridiculous

The current gym scenario is clearly not ideal and the business has been literally treading water since November. The bottom line…I came to Malta for the mañana lifestyle, so can’t really complain when it works against me.

The plans for the new gym are very exciting and put me two years ahead of where I had planned, at the beginning of 2023. Obviously, if the wait becomes detrimental to the business, then we wait no more. But things are happening, business is good and I’m looking forward to being rewarded for my amazing levels of unknown patience, very soon.

The good thing about the last couple of months is that it gave me time to work on things, that I’ve been putting off for ages because I never had the time.

My PT Mentor had a soft launch in September and was something that I had been considering for about ten years. As a very rough overview, the service offers bespoke and personal business support to Personal Trainers and gyms/fitness facilities.

The majority of Personal Trainers leave the industry within two years, not because they are bad PTs but because they don’t have the business skills. Understandable because for most it’s a passion but you need more than that to survive, especially in Malta because it’s a very hard market.

It is a completely new concept for Malta, I don’t expect to be welcomed by the industry with open arms but there is certainly a need for it.  

On a personal level there are two priorities going into 2024, going to a dentist because my teeth are killing me and returning to Thailand. As the dentist isn’t absolutely essential yet, Thailand plans are in place for Summer 2025. One last visit, one last fight…been saying it for ages but it will happen.  

Hopefully the new gym will be completed by then, if not either my patience levels are unique or I’ll be washed up in Gozo…with or without tuna

Fingers crossed for February

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