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March 24 - And as if by Magic...

The good thing about waiting a long time for things, is that you soon forget the frustrations that did your head in along the way. Waves, boats, poles with towels on and suspicious looking old men in tight shorts, are now just distant and slightly disturbing memories!

Hard to miss the irony that after months of unknown patience, the thing I had been trying to avoid most, actually got the job finished in the end but it’s done now and everybody is still smiling

With all that now behind us, I’m actually back in a gym again and the job thankfully no longer feels like one. The boxing classes are doing well, the Kids classes I’m sure will too and the additional equipment has helped to really mix the PT up a bit. I’m even enjoying being around other PTs again…yes it’s that good

The only reason I waited so long and almost patiently, was the potential that the gym offers me to expand my ability to provide group classes. Considering the time of the year, the interest so far would suggest that the wait was definitely worth it

My PT Mentor still offers unexpected opportunities, which continue to reaffirm my belief that the service is needed in Malta.

It was never going to be an easy sell due to the closed culture within the fitness industry here. But there is interest from a few businesses here and I’m looking forward to seeing how they progress in the coming months.

As summer approaches, Thailand and teeth are very much on the back burner and now it’s all about the tan! Yes, there are probably more important things that I should be worrying about, please feel free to worry about them on my behalf.

I came for the sun, I work by the sea and I’m going to max out on that this summer!

Have a great April :)

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