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February 24 - It's finished but just needs...

Updated: Mar 10

If all good things come to those who wait, then I should have the most amazing gym ever known by now. Unfortunately I don’t….I have a 'it's finished but just needs...' one

After originally planned to be ready for Christmas and witnessing a general lack of enthusiasm to complete, the frustration is immense. The compliments regarding my patience from clients have been nice because I never knew that I had any but they are starting to feel like pity now...and I'm really not comfortable with that

I've decided to give it until the end of the month for the gym to be properly completed or I will work outside again this Summer. That way I don't need to stress over gym rent through the quietest months of the year and can work towards doing things properly again from September, when business picks up.

Thankfully My PT Mentor has provided a welcome break from the frustrations and things are moving quicker than expected. I now have three newly qualified PTs that I am helping and I'm enjoying the positivity from it all.

In many ways the role is very similar in principle to what I've been doing daily with Personal Training, helping people to achieve their individual goals through the knowledge and experience of doing it myself.

In other ways the role and responsibilities in particular, are very different. The daily challenges PTs face are more varied and you are ultimately dealing with someone's ability to earn money and build a successful career...which certainly strikes a chord at the moment

Understandably clients ask if I regret leaving Qawra and the genuine answer is no. Regardless of what has happened since then, it's been vital visiting gyms, meeting PTs etc in understanding the challenges of the fitness industry here....which I couldn't have done from Qawra.

On a personal note, the dentist has been visited and he chucked in a curve ball that I certainly wasn't expecting! I thought about all the options as he suggested and have decided that Thailand is far more important and the teeth can wait!

Have a great month!

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